Best Rust Server Hosting: 6 Top Hosting Providers in 2021

We’re evaluating the best hosting companies for RUST servers in this piece of content. Let’s hop straight in without further ado.

The first move was to come up with a list of hosting companies that we wanted to check. To do this, we did a quick google search and a list of 5 came up.

There were the highest ratings of these Rust server hosting companies and we’re spoken of most, once we were satisfied we went and bought a Rust server from each hosting company so that we could start our testing process.


Why choose the right Rust host?

A lot of players prefer the cheapest host, which always ends badly. The cheapest can also result in a lot of lag spikes and server freezes and must therefore contact their service, which is not often that nice. So, investing the extra $0.05 a slot would lead to much better results and much better service.

We found the best hosting companies for Rust after hours and hours that have fantastic support and plenty of performance in detail, so you won’t be stuck with irritating latency spikes and annoying employees.

Testing Best Rust Server Hosting consists of the following things:

  • Pace, reliability, and cost of the server per slot
  • Under load, server stress testing
  • Times of Assistance
  • Time and ease of installation
  • Reviews

5 Top & Best Rusk Server Hosting Providers

After spending a lot of time reviewing and testing each company I was happy to say I come up with a solid list of hosting companies. I must admit this was no easy task as they all came pretty close to each other, but, there were slight things which caused certain companies to be placed above one another.

I would still recommend that you conduct your own research to see what works best for you, however, I can assure you you won’t go wrong with any of the choices below.

1. ScalaCube

You get all the important features and speed you need to win the game by choosing ScalaCube as your Rust server hosting provider.

For the Rust dedicated server, you’ll get an easy-to-use control panel. You can customize your server, change settings, manage your server, start, restart, shut down, adjust options, upgrade your application, and more.

scalacube rust servers hosting review

You will also find all your passwords, including the admin password, needed to run the Rust server here. Based on IP address, player name, in addition to unbanning them, modifying player info, and more, you can get options such as the ability to ban game players.

Their Rust server comes with DDoS prevention, which guarantees that the server is always online, has low latency, and is always playable. Total FTP connectivity, free domain, and Oxide support are other characteristics included in the ScalaCube Rust server hosting.

You also get advanced SSD drives so that your game can be played super-fast. North America, Europe, and the United Kingdom are located on their servers.

Its pricing starts for 100 player slots at $16/month.

2. HostHavoc

Start your Rust game today by using HostHavoc’s high-quality services. Via their robust infrastructure using the industry-leading data centre, they maintain and maintain high server availability, having stable links that can provide up to 99.9 per cent uptime.

The data centres are situated globally in 11 locations, leveraging secure networks and true redundancy of secure facilities.

hosthavoc rust servers hosting review

Your applications and bandwidth are protected from source engine query exploits and UDP floods, with free DDoS security. In addition to this, for better security, they provide 2-step authentication.

You get FTP access, along with a web file manager, if you want to go for self-management. You can also customize their server start command line. Only on an advanced control panel, TCAdmin v2, do they host their game servers.

This control panel is consistent, simple to use, and reliable, and to provide the best experience, they also provide custom templates customized to each game. Instant configuration, 24/7 service, and a 3-day money-back guarantee come with all the gaming servers.

Pricing at HostHavoc begins at $14/month for 30 slots.

3. Shockbyte

Shockbyte is known to have strong hardware and a bunch of strong features that lift the sky-high gaming experience at a comparatively lower cost than most of its rivals. Since 2013, the service provider has already housed thousands of its satisfied customers with 100k+ game servers.

Not only does it deliver outstanding quality of service, but also excellent customer care. They submit control panel credentials quickly along with server IP via email as soon as you purchase the service, so you can get started soon.

shockbyte rust servers hosting review

You have the Oxide mod option, which is only available with a key, to install multiple plugins into the Rust server.

Enjoy features such as automated mod installs and configuration editing, plugin customization, free subdomain, server console, global servers, multicraft CP, automatic updates, and backups by accessing files through FTP.

Don’t worry about game availability; 100 per cent uptime and low latency are guaranteed by Shockbyte. You should go for Oxide help if you come across any problems. Any time you want, enjoy the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan as the new plan will be implemented automatically with no loss of settings.

Pricing begins at $9.99/month for its servers.

4. GTX Gaming

GTXgaming is one of the veteran businesses and since 2008 they have been around, they specialize in rust servers and do a great job of doing it, because of a variety of factors they have made it to the number one spot for the best rust server hosting company.

We can happily claim you have picked the best company to go with when using GTX to host your Rust server!

gtxgaming rust servers hosting review

They have several features such as automatic offsite backups, solid DDOS security, RCON support, and the ability to move your rust server to another any other game server is also a cool feature I liked. Automatic updates, automatic server updates, scheduled server wipes have a 1-click mod installed.

Pricing begins at $7.50/month for 50 slots.

5. ServerBlend

Serverblend just missed the top spot by a fraction, if it wasn’t sold out for most of the servers there, then it would probably have taken that number 1 spot, but being sold out is not a bad thing, it just means people like the company and they receive a lot of orders.

It has the ideal price/performance balance, ensuring you can make the most of your hard-earned cash.

serverblend rust servers hosting review

They have several features, such as free DDOS security and debranding, and some businesses tend to charge extra for these features, so keep that in mind when placing an order.

Along with 1-click mod installs, automated updates and a personalized TCAdmin control panel, Serverblend also provides steam workshop mod support, so you know it’s going to be easy to use. With some very helpful material, they provide 24/7 support and a FAQ section. They managed to patch our test server and answer within an hour to our support ticket.

Pricing begins at $13.50/month for 50+ slots.

6. Nitrous Networks

Nitrous Networks is a SOLID host and they have high-performance low ping servers that did very well in our stress tests if you have the budget you can consider them as your pick. They’ve been around since 2010, meaning they’re over a decade old and have a lot of hosting experience.

Some specific features that come with rust servers are supported by Nitrous Networks, such as a free mumble server, free web hosting and MySQL. They also offer DDOS security and debranding free of charge.

nitrous rust servers hosting review

This firm is not far away when it comes to discovering the best rust server hosting, but a few features such as auto-updating mods and backups are lacking. You will need a more hands-on approach when selecting this host, as the changes need to be done manually.

Pricing begins at $16/month.

Features to look while selecting the best rust server hosting

When looking for a RUST server host, the most important features
Here are some features that you have to keep in mind if you want to pick the best one for you while you’re looking for a RUST server. We have compiled certain characteristics and brought them to you so that you can make the right choice.

Assistant Times

We delete a critical part of the server configuration when checking the support that causes the server to shut down and not turn back up when we use the same method for all 6 providers. We then build a support ticket that says our server shuts down unexpectedly and won’t come back online.

Servers Worldwide

Pay attention to the positions where the host of your RUST server is. The more it is spread out, the better it is. You’re going to be playing with people all over the world, and you want to make sure your host server can accommodate that.

Automated server backup

A server must have the ability to backup the information in it, just like any other computer, so that clients would not miss their progress. To stop it from disappearing, most server companies provide an automated backup of your records.

Guaranteed performance under stress

There is nothing more terrible than building a server’s credibility and then getting a bad result.

When a server experiences a significant influx of players, this typically occurs. Pay attention to the service terms and the host server’s reimbursement policy.


Price is another common factor to consider. Your pocket has to fit the best RUST server host for you. Many businesses charge various rates, and you can expect to achieve productivity if you spend a decent amount of cash on a host server.


Reviews you will find from host servers should always be paid attention to. Whether from a friend or a website, these reviews are made to assist you with your ideal host server’s selection process. In order to make a final option, keep reviews in mind.


In this post, all the hosts mentioned are fine, with a minor shift in their features and pricing. No more guessing, therefore, on how to host a Rust server.

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